Elegia Fantastica – Emanuele Scorcelletti


Emanuele Scorcelletti’s deep connection with the Marche region, in Italy, is the starting point of an artistic project he has been carrying out for several years and which he has entitled Elegia Fantastica. This introspective journey to places of the past is carried by an aesthetic approach that takes us from the real of yesterday (Memories) to the invisible of today (Visions). In doing so, he transforms an intimate emotional experience with the places of his childhood and his inner landscapes into a reflection on collective memory and transmission.

Format: 29×29 cm
200 pages
126 Black & White photos
Laminated on 2.5 mm board
Sewn square back
Printed on Tatami Paper 150gsm with our exclusive technology : printmodel Smooth & Pure Black

The book includes critical contributions by three experts in the world of art and photography, who analyze the artistic research of Emanuele Scorcelletti, situating it both in a history of contemporary photography and within an international artistic panorama. These critical texts have been presented into three languages: Italian/French/English.

Cyril Drouhet is director of photography and reporting of Figaro Magazine
“The gaze of Emanuele Scorcelletti, known for capturing the human side of film and fashion stars, has evolved, and this is the subtlety of this exhibition, as if this visual introspection were going to delve into a memory that is ever more distant, ever more imprecise, ever more expressionistic, bordering on the unreal. With his new work, Elegia Fantastica, memories gradually blur and Scorcelletti slowly frees himself from the traditional technical rules of photography, such as those of exposure time or framing, to obtain light-bleached portraits or hyper-contrasting black and white landscapes. In this evanescent journey and this nostalgic timelessness, ghostly and light forms evolve in cities frozen by the years, in sacred places preserved by a thousand-year-old faith, in a rural world spared by the frenzy of modernism. Images in movement that reveal a dreamlike work as an ode to eternal Italy, as a poem whispered to the wounds of life in which floats a certain perfume of innocence.”

Denis Curti is a photography critic and a curator
“The two chapters Emanuele has written in light reveal the human quantity of which he is capable. They both show us and confirm to us the idea that the world, as we know it, is actually made of images we have accumulated of it over time. What surrounds us, in itself, is always the same. What changes is the way we look at it, our perspective, our state of mind. Scorcelletti wishes to show others what he feels. His appearances are the unveiling of his intimacy. His abstractions are the declinations of a tone of voice only ever whispered.”

Simona Cardinali is Art Historian at the Palazzo Pianetti Civic Museums, Jesi
“What we all seem to have in common is the search for a perspective and a place to refer to in order to find shelter, albeit temporary. Places are therefore part of the path of a wandering life, both living matter on which to form and the ultimate aspiration in which to find oneself. This is where I think Emanuele Scorcelletti’s photographic project devoted to Le Marche fits in: an intimate and personal quest, […] who finds in a place, Le Marche, an anchorage from which it is possible to slightly restart every time one needs to.”

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Dimensions 29 × 29 cm

Emanuele Scorcelletti

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Trilingual French, English, Italian


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