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Vincent Munier’s bestseller finally available in the US


Vincent Munier’s unique pictures carry us away on a long and adventurous journey across the open spaces of the far North; their gentle, white atmosphere softens the real harshness of this gigantic desert, at the top of the world.

And for the first time, the photographer shares with us his travel journal and personal impressions of the Arctic, one the most remote and fragile places on the planet.

In the cold, Vincent Munier pulled heavy sleds and trekked and skied hundreds of miles on the territories of the white wolves: the « ghosts of the tundra », as the Inuit have named them. He also captured the lives of polar bears, foxes, caribou, musk oxen, Arctic hares and snowy owls in the white and frozen vastness of this region.

From Scandinavia to the northenmost islands of Nunavut (Canada), we are invited to discover a breathtakingly beautiful, fascinating wild world: polar bears and foxes, caribous, muskoxen, Arctic hares, snowy owls… and even a magical encounter, when a pack of nine wolves surrounded the photographer!


This book is the one of a dream. A photographer’s dream, to be alone at the end of the world, on the land of the white wolf. From this long adventure to the far reaches of the North Pole, he brought back thousands of images. Arctic gathers a selection of the 200 most beautiful photos.

This book showcases Munier’s best images from the Arctic and spans six years of his expeditions to polar places, most often made alone and with full autonomy.




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December 1st, 2020


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Born in 1976, Vincent lives in the Vosges, France, his native land, cultivating permanent contact with the wilderness.
He chooses photography to express his dreams, emotions and encounters.

After his various successes in the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition in 2000, 2001 and 2002, he decided to devote himself totally to photography.
From now on, Vincent Munier is one of the most famous nature photographers.

His images have been exhibited in various countries and are the subject of numerous publications in magazines such as National Geographic, Géo, VSD, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Audubon Magazine, etc. At the end of 2018, his work was selected by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) to appear in its 100 photos for press freedom magazine.

He has been a photographer involved in nature conservation since the early 1990s. If it now reaches a wide audience, it is also because it strives to transmit, through the books they publish, a tangible and lasting trace of their travels.

While he sometimes goes alone – Arctic – he also knows how to share his quest for beauty with faithful friends and family. With Laurent Ballesta, he published Adélie, terre & mer in 2016; with Sylvain Tesson, he followed in the footsteps of the snow leopard, and in 2018 offered us Tibet, animal mineral and Tibet, promise of the invisible (lookout book).


Who’s hiding behind this mysterious name, both sweet and rough?

First, it’s the name of the Brown Bear, in the language of the Evens, a nomadic people living in the Siberian tundra. Kobalann is a mythical animal who struck the imagination of our ancesters and still appears in our tales and legends. The ultimate wild beast…

Since 2010, Kobalann has given his name to a small and independent publishing house created by French photographer Vincent Munier. His aim: to offer beautiful books illustrated with photographs or paintings and drawings, as well as cross-media products, from the work of artists inspired by nature. Fine and elegant objects to make you feel the poetry of wilderness…

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