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UT PICTURA: great success for the exhibition opening!

After the UT PICTURA premiere on 29 October evening, we would like to thank the 600 people who came to discover the works of Wahib Chehata, exhibited at the gallery Station until the end of November.

UT PICTURA is a limited edition of 300 numbered and signed copies, with a certificate of authenticity, presented in a box of raw cardboard, each of which is a unique model produced by the artist. This art book, a work of artitself, the result of a year of preparation, is a selection of 10 years of creation by Wahib Chehata. The first 30 copies are associated with an original workto be chosen from 5 framed works, each printed in 6 copies exclusively for this book.

Don’t hesitate to get your copy todayon this page.

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