Limited edition, the first 100 copies are numbered from 1 to 100 and signed by the artist.

Soul of Paris is both a photographic tribute to Paris, Photographer’s adopted city, and a physical trace dedicated to the community of 1.2 million subscribers who follow his publications on Instagram. It gives them a passage way from the virtual world to reality, from a fluid image to a photograph they can touch, from a luminous screen to a collector’s object, to be offered as a gift or displayed at home.

VuThéara Kham’s Paris is a footbridge that leads us back to the Paris of earlier photographers, such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Brassaï, Frank Horvat, Robert Doisneau or Saul Leiter, Peter Cornelius or Robert Capa.

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« What I love to do is to walk, to go down streets, to get lost in public transportation. To breathe the city. Initially, what I enjoyed was simply looking at my neighborhood. That’s when I began to feel like sharing what I saw. I became a photographer by accident. Early in the morning, or late at night, it feels like the city belongs to us.

When people live in the city, they go off to work with a determined attitude, and the city becomes a theatre play in which everyone plays a part. I often go to a specific location to take pictures, but can just as well start shooting spontaneously, without thinking. I do not impose any rules upon myself. I need to take my time, to check out a city I don’t know, before going there. It’s important to me to establish a first contact with the city before I start photographing it.

When I take a street photograph, what I look for is a glance, an unusual person. It’s like there’s a feeling that arises between the person I’m shooting and myself. I like to go out with a light photographic unit, I feel like I can get by unseen. When I take pictures of a person, I can either anticipate his or her movements, or not, I study the background, so as to create my own composition. What can I say, I’m a hunter on the lookout for the right model. These are simple moments captured from daily life that I like to sublimate.I like to be invisible, to become incognito, to be taken for a local. To do that, you have to walk, stroll, hang out, observe, be patient, attentive, open, and passionate. »
Vuthéara Kham

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Vuthéara Kham

Vuthéara Kham is a French photographer of Cambodian origin, based in Paris. He is fascinated by light, street photography and urban landscapes.

He discovered photography thanks to Instagram in January 2011. Paris was where he took his first steps in photography, with his smartphone. Vuthéara likes to play with a new perspective and perspective. His images capture the emotion of a moment. He published a book Point Of Vuth at the editions of La Martinière in 2013.

Today, Vuthéara’s work is followed on his Instagram account by over a million photography lovers.


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