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Couverture du livre Still time
Still Time – Dag Alveng



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Still Time – Dag Alveng


Still Time offers a chronological selection of the photo series made by Dag Alveng Since 1978.

Two texts accompany the catalogue. They allow to put in perspective his work in the landscape of contemporary photography. They bring the essential biographical elements to understand a work attached to reality but under the prism of a singular and unique observer.

Books are an integral part of his artistic creation. Still Time is no exception. Nothing is left to chance in his design. ” Photography is a matter of choice”, says Dag Alveng. He’s right…

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Dag Alveng celebrates 40 years of photographic creation in Still Time. The book contains the famous images of its largest series. Photographies présentées dans l’exposition rétrospective qui lui a été consacrée début 2018 à Oslo, sa ville natale.

When Martin Parr and Gerry Badger include the work of Dag Alveng (Asylum) in the first volume of their trilogy The Photobook: A History, the fame of the Norwegian photographer is confirmed and his visibility becomes worldwide.

Photographer of experimentation, his work oscillates between document and formal research.

Still time book interior photo

Still time book interior photo

Still time book interior photo

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