Nature , Luxury Box – Jean-Baptiste Huynh


This edition, drawn in thirty copies, is composed as follows:
– Paper Laid Pages of Guards was Tinted in the Mass in Black.
– Each work is accompanied by From a collection draw 25 × 25 cm Photographed by Jean-Baptiste Huynh 

– The assembly is under black canvas cabinet.

An edition without a cabinet exists also here.

Language of the texts: French and English.

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It is only through rehearsal that we end up recognising the world around us and discovering its recurrent meanings and patterns. In Nature , the photographs of Jean-Baptiste Huynh bind the plant, the human and the celestial in mysterious formal rehearsals. (...) His sensibility is a striking classicism. His images are distilled, pure, contained and idealized. There is a platonic aspect, almost from another world, in these forms, as if the person, the plant or the fruit represented a timeless reality beyond that which is delivered to us by our senses.

This is how Siri Hustvedt, the Great American writer, in her preface, evokes the work of this French photographer, Franco-Vietnamese, who explores the natural forms and allows us to re-discover in a sublimated way the beauty of What surrounds us.

Lotus blossom and leaf of Danang, celery and eggplant, trumpet of death and Girolle, artichoke and thistles, melon and Volubilis, orchid and grape, all rub shoulders with the naked beauty of the lines of a breast, a back, a nape, a mouth. Their pure mystery is like that of the stars who watch, in the infinite, and to which they look so much.

These associations are born of a formal research as accomplished as poetic. The universe of Jean-Baptiste Huynh is a tribute to this Nature so close to us that we forget it. His photograph is carnal and its materials are silky, which are played from the shadows and the light. They are wonders of sweetness and elegance. Timeless.

Texts by Siri Hustvedt, Emanuel Ungaro, Henry-Claude Coleman, Antonio Damasio and Jean-Baptiste Huynh

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