ensemble seul – Éric Antoine


ensemble seul shows the series of photographs made by the Éric Antoine from 2010 to 2015, in the bucolic space of his country house, where he fled after the disappearance of his companion.

Book-Homage to The loved one, it gives to see what remains despite the absence, the flight of time and an artistic and existential quest of simplicity and counting.

Preface by Hélène Conesa, curator at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, in charge of the contemporary photography collection, accompanied by a text by Vanessa Schmitz Grucker, author and journalist.

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"How to talk about a person when it no longer exists." This is where my images really started to feel the absence. "

ensemble seul Gathers the photographs made by Éric Antoine for five years in camera. Artisan of Light, he makes his own chemical emulsions to reveal what is no longer and to make his memories of photographic appearances. He uses the wet collodion process to create his images, made on glass plates. " I try to make photographs that are enigmatic, that do not belong to any time, at any place. " He chose this ancient process for his materiality and finesse, and the consuming aspect of this approach, which, as he pointed out, saved his life a little.

The photographs of Éric Antoine US plunge into a poetic universe in black and white, where the objects mingle with the faces, the faces to the vegetal, the vegetal to the touch. All our senses are awakened, we become this wild animal, in the forest, always on the lookout...

ensemble seul Restores the powers and brightness of the ambrotype-tinted silvery, and admirably respects the spirit of the collection of the works of Éric Antoine , as an extension of his work.



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