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Coral – Martin Colognoli


CORAL is a tribute to coral as an essential ecosystem for our survival. It tells the story of the rebirth of an Indonesian fishing village. Having become actors in the restoration of the coral reefs that surround them, these fishermen are today the guardians of their resources.

By staging strong, often spectacular images, this first book by Martin Colognoli, whose approach oscillates between documentary and artistic, is a hymn to the defense of biodiversity.

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The photographic book Coral is an immersion in the fragile world of coral and the communities that depend on it. It shows solidarity, respect and the link to life. A world that is both raw, real and dreamlike. This book is therefore somewhere between art and documentary.

Through the use of strong, often spectacular images, Martin Colognoli, a French photographer, calls for the preservation of these emblematic ecosystems through a reportage that retraces six years of field experience.
A true hymn to the defence of biodiversity and a tribute to the coral as an ecosystem essential to our survival.

CORAL is a book organised in 4 chapters:
Coral, this animal with a mineral and vegetable aspect and how fascinating it is so ancient and fragile. Whether it is a question of areas preserved from human action or damaged or destroyed areas, they all bear witness to a reality which calls for action.
The human element, through the inhabitants of the fishing village of Seraya besar. The moments photographed on the spot have made it possible to translate the naturalness of a world and a lifestyle through moments filled with passion, friendship and joy…
It is an authentic tribute to the inhabitants of a village with whom bonds have been forged over time.
The linkbetween coral and humans, the dependence of humans on coral reefs and in which fishing plays an indispensable role.
The protection actionscarried out in the village to preserve the coral reefs with the support of the French association Coral Guardian.

CORAL is a book that makes the link between an emblematic symbol of a threatened fauna – the coral – and humans.

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Martin Colognoli


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