Communion with Whales – US Edition – Guillaume Boeye & Éric Lamblin


Guillaume Boeye and Éric Lamblin are two free-diving divers based in Reunion Island. For the past 15 years, they have been diving together to capture the presence of whales off the coast of the Island during the breeding and calving season. Communion with Whales puts in an exceptional book the most beautiful images that they have gathered over the course of their dives.

True aquatic dancers, they move us by their tender gestures of protection. They also embody, despite their imposing size, the fragility of an underwater world to be protected. Sublimated by their grace, this space is always threatened by man, despite the measures taken to preserve it. Here, we are only an attentive observer, subjugated by their beauty and respectful of their natural environment.

This book is a total immersion in their world, in addition to 60 images that decline all shades of blue and show us the incredible spectacle of their choreographies so light, so expressive. It is prefaced by Laurent Ballesta . If you live in Europe, please buy the european edition here.

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It is an exceptional work, both by its subject and by its very high quality. Few books have been able to show whales so closely with such quality reproduction of all shades of blue. The book is a unique object, far beyond a simple book of underwater photographs. We took great care in the making of this book, choosing a binding in Switzerland, which strengthens the feeling of immersion and thus respect the wishes of photographers.

This project is part of a long tradition of books-tributes to the marine world, from the works of Philip Plisson to that published at the end of 2017 in search of noon publisher, La Grande Histoire de la mer. With these words, Christian Buchet gives the whole issue of promoting such works:

“Man is never greater than in his face-to-face with the sea. Because it is excessive, the sea is transcendent.” in La mer, avenir de la terre. Christian Buchet, Philip Plisson.

Back cover :

Each year during the southern winter, the “Whale Trail” stops a few weeks off the coast of Réunion Island. For the past 15 years, two photo divers have been swimming near humpback whales. They have gathered their most beautiful images to bring you into a universe of grace and poetry. To contemplate so much beauty, doubt is no longer allowed: the protection of the oceans and the underwater world is a priority, so that the dance and song of these last giants of the planet endure and continue to move us. Will beauty save the world? This journey immersed in the intimacy of whales invites hope.


Reunion Island supports the book,using one of the photographs in its current communication campaign “Intensely Fabulous”.

The two photographers were invited to the 12:30 news Réunion Première, a French channel•tv Info on February 15. Also check out the interview they gave on the channel’s online news site. You can also find here the article by Plongée TV.

We were able to produce this book thanks to the crowdfunding campaign carried out on our dedicated platform, with the help of photographers Éric Lamblin and Guillaume Boeye, which made it possible to raise more than € 22,000 through more than 350 donors.


Photo de la reliure à la Suisse, les coutures sont apparentes.
Swiss binding.

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