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In Arctic, Vincent Munier presents the most beautiful images of his six years of winter expeditions. He traveled hundreds of kilometers, often alone and without assistance, on the territory of the white wolf, the “ghost of the tundra”.

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Arctic is a dream. The dream of a photographer, to be alone at the end of the world, on the land of the white wolf. From this long adventure to the far reaches of the North Pole, he brought back thousands of images. This exceptional photo book gathers a selection of the 200 most beautiful. The choice of paper and the quality of the print enhance the white universe.

From Scandinavia to the northenmost islands of Nunavut (Canada), we are invited to discover a breathtakingly beautiful, fascinating wild world. You have to guess the silhouette of a wolf, a hare, a snowy owl in the glistening snow clouds, or a polar bears surfing the pristine horizon.

In praise of patience and fascination at the sight of beauty, this work is a celebration of the animal kingdom and nature. The photographer is only a tiny point in the immensity of ice. We no longer know who the wolf or the photographer is the «ghost of the Arctic»…

Arctic also includes Vincent Munier’s expedition diary.

Arctic Expedition Video


Interview with Vincent Munier


Vincent Munier is the first photographer to be awarded Best Wildlife Photographer of the year three times.



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Vincent Munier


Vincent Munier


Hemeria – Kobalann


264 pages of photos & 48 pages of travel diary


11.82×9.65 inch / 30×24.5 cm



Videos (2)

Interview with Vincent Munier

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  1. slkphoto

    Exceptional … everything is exceptional in this book. This is the third work by this photographer that I buy and I am amazed each time. The photos, first of all, are sweet poetry. The book becomes the setting for this magic. Everything is worked on: layout, photoengraving, printing, binding, paper quality. We could talk about the hours of white and black, if black … In short, let yourself be carried away!

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