700 sharks in the night – Laurent Ballesta


There are 700 scientists say… but for Laurent Ballesta they are everywhere. Sharks clog the narrow beam horizon of its lamps, bump into its cameras, and force a passage between its fins. Dans cette horde où chacun s’acharne à survivre règne l’énergie des affamés. When a prey is hunted, a pack forms and chaos takes shape. Crazy choreography gets organized and ends in a shower of scales. To say they’re ruthless would make you smile. They are the predators of the ages.

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Four years of photographic work under the sign of the moon were necessary to compose this exceptional collection. 700 sharks in the night is a long-term work for Laurent Ballesta to tame his own fear, perhaps be accepted, and finally reach the heart of this hidden pack in Fakarava, a preserved atoll of French Polynesia. The images he brings back are staggering of life, death, innocence and violence. That such a piece of wild nature can still exist reassures us, frightens us and dazzles us. This prodigy of animal life is finally coming out of the shadows.

700 sharks in the night reveals that repeats itself to infinity, at the end of the world, at the end of the night and far from the circus of men, the most brilliant ballets.

700 sharks in the night making off book

700 sharks in the night making off book

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