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2054 – Clarisse Rebotier



2054 – Clarisse Rebotier


The 2054 series is a UFO in contemporary photographic production, realized by visual artist Clarisse Rebotierin 11 paintings, the shock is simultaneously visual and emotional. An atmosphere of the end of the world. Rats, with human air – too human – wander alone on a devastated Earth, emptied of all life.

The series is based on a process of reflection and implementation that took several months, the series was conceived within the taxidermy department of the National Museum of Natural History of Paris, alongside Christophe Gottini, workshop leader: this work is also an artistic tribute to museum taxidermy.

This series contains an exceptional booklet with 30 copies signed and numbered by the artist (original edition).

Preorder – Release in 2021

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The impact felt by those who look at the images of Clarisse Rebotier makes them forget the technical stakes of their realization. Comme elle le souligne : « Si taxidermie et photographie sont intimement liées dans mon travail, c’est que la fragilité des corps et de l’instant présent est une préoccupation au cœur de la condition humaine. » Et c’est tout l’objet de cette série2054.

The stagings are thus crying with truth: the rats become before our eyes beings of life, tragic and human, carried by despair. We are troubled by so much closeness to who we are, finding, in the moving bodies and gestures of rodents, the same attitudes as ours. The trouble is total in discovering the same humanity, the same soul, whereas we consider them, in the West, as vectors of disease or of health danger, that their proliferation arouses individual fear and collective anguish, and that, above all, there are many pejorative connotations in our language and history…

Rats have always occupied a symbolic place in the collective imagination, and the 2054 series is a fascinating and expressive narrative construction of our own escapes in the face of the impending sinking.

Mixing humour and tragedy, thismemento mori¹satirical is inspired by macabre dances, and reminds us of our finiteness.

Because even though they’re dead and twisting, these rats have a little something cute… They are like us: beautiful and tragic at the same time.



Of this series, it is published an exceptional booklet printed in 300 copies, signed and numbered by the artist.

Format 270 x 370 mm
Printed on creative paper
Series of 11 images
Portfolio delivered in a cold marked pocket
Production : Hemeria
Image processing : Printmodel®

¹ « Remember that you will die »

About Clarisse Rebotier

With a grandfather who read and calligraphied Arabic (and Hebrew), Clarisse Rebotier long believed, as a child, that she was an Arab. It is an identity revolution when she understands that in reality she is the granddaughter of a Frenchman born in Tunisia.

This upheaval has since led her to abandon prejudices and take a concrete interest in humanity and understanding others. First, by studying languages, literature and philosophy at university. Then, in the exercise of writing and theatrical direction for five years spent in Tunis, which forge his determination to question what builds the individual.

Since then, she has devoted herself entirely to plastic and documentary photography, working on subjects that highlight identity above all.

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Additional information

Dimensions 27 × 37 cm
Number of photos



Delivered in a cold marked pouch


Printed on creative paper Arcoprint premium extra white 250g.

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