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VuThéara Kham

VuThéara Kham was born in 1982 into a Cambodian family in Valognes (Normandy).

In 2011, he discovered Instagram and mobile photography. He had never taken a photo before using the iPhone.

This adopted Parisian then posts daily photographs of the capital, snapshots that very quickly attract 200,000 subscribers to his account, designed like a logbook, a newspaper with its slices of life. Instagram is for him a new territory of experimentation that offers maximum visibility, without intermediaries.

If this notoriety has enabled him to become a professional photographer since 2014, he hasn’t forgotten to continue to immortalize Paris and his signature has imposed itself: it testifies to his taste for the simple things, the natural.

His travels took him to Iran, Cambodia, the United States and Vietnam, but Paris remains his anchor point: with “Soul of Paris”, fifteen or so photographs of the city of light are brought to life, in large format, inside a unique limited edition object.

Vuthéara Kham arrived in Paris in 2007 for a web designer internship. He discovered photography through the mobile phone and installed the Instagram app in 2011 on his smartphone, rather by chance, after a viral image posted on his Facebook account.
The iPhone, used to listen to music, gradually became his camera. Over the years, for 5-6 years, he took pictures of Parisian street scenes on his free time, then this passion became an obsession, almost an addiction. Until 2014, he only used the iPhone. Its visibility with the public increased thanks to its regular posts, sometimes up to three photos a day, until the purchase of Instagram by Facebook and the availability of the app on Android.

Building on its success on the image sharing platform – in 2012, it is considered the “first instagramor” of France with its 200,000 subscribers – it is first requested in 2013 by a publisher to publish its work: it will be the book “Point of Vuth” at the editions of La Martinière.

Since 2014, the SLR has replaced the iPhone, which it uses only occasionally. He became a professional photographer for institutional commissions that take him around the world.

However, in parallel with his career, he continues to pay daily tribute to his favourite city. His rigour, his eye and his sensitivity contribute to produce a corpus of images where emotion, humor and grace are reminiscent of those of Sempé’s drawings to capture the little flaws that make all the salt of the reputation of Parisians…

His work has attracted more than a million Instagram followers.


Her works

Soul of Paris

This publication is both a photographic tribute to Paris, the adopted city of
photographer, and a physical trace dedicated to the community of more than a million subscribers who
follow the posts on his Instagram account.

It allows a transition from the virtual to the real, from the fluid image to the photograph that one touches,
from a light screen to an object to be collected, offered or displayed at home.

The Paris of Vuthéara Kham is a footbridge that takes us back to the Paris of photographers
who preceded him, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Brassaï, Frank Horvat, Robert Doisneau and Saul
Leiter, Peter Cornelius or Robert Capa.