Vincent Munier

Born in 1976, Vincent lives in the Vosges, France, his native land, cultivating permanent contact with wild nature.
He chose photography to express his dreams, emotions and encounters.
After his various successes at the prestigious competition of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2000, 2001 and 2002, he decided to devote himself totally to photography.

Vincent Munier is now one of the most famous nature photographers.
His images have been exhibited in various countries and are the subject of numerous publications in magazines such as National Geographic, Géo, VSD, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Audubon Magazine, etc… At the end of 2018, his work was chosen by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) to appear in his 100 photos for press freedom.

He has been a photographer involved in nature conservation since the early 1990s. If it now reaches a large audience, it’s also because it is trying to transmit, through the books they publish, a tangible and lasting trace of his travels. S’il part seul parfois – Arctic -, il sait aussi partager sa quête de beauté avec des proches et des amis fidèles. With Laurent Ballesta, he publishes in 2016 Adélie, terre & mer; with Sylvain Tesson, he goes in the footsteps of the snow panther, and offers us in 2018 Tibet, mineral animaland Tibet, promise of the invisible (affût book).


Her works

Tibet - Mineral animal

Vincent Munier takes us on the trail of the snow panther. Finding it is a grail for many travelers. His enchanting quest: you have to break
your eyes on the rock, on the snow, on the back of each mountain to hope to see it. And meet, hopefully, the other inhabitants of the majestic Tibetan plateau:
tiny pikas, big raptors, foxes of Tibet, rare wild yacks, amazing cats of Pallas, herds of donkeys kiangs…

Tibet - promise of the invisible

Through the images and excerpts from his notebooks, Vincent Munier reveals behind the scenes his photographic quest in Tibet, in the footsteps of the snow panther.

This notebook accompanies the photographic book TIBET, mineral animalby Vincent Munier and Sylvain Tesson(sold separately and available here).


In Arctic, Vincent Munier Vincent Munier presents the most beautiful images of his six years of winter expeditions. He travelled hundreds of kilometres, often alone and without assistance, on the territory of the white wolf, the “ghost of the tundra”. Unique images, the apparent softness of which would almost make forget the harshness of the shooting conditions. A praise of patience and adventure, but above all of Arctic beauty.