Laurent Delhourme

Born in Bordeaux, Laurent Delhourme has lived in Paris for over 25 years. After studying audiovisual, he became a professional portrait photographer from 1997. In addition to the numerous advertising campaigns he carries out, his portraits are published in various French and foreign magazines.

Fascinated by the image, Laurent Delhourme moved from 2001 to the camera as a complement to his photographic work. Director and chief operator, he has since directed many documentary and advertising films. Among its latest series, a commission from the Grand Palais, on the occasion of the next closure of the monument for works.

At the same time, for several years, he has walked the streets of Paris, Leica in hand. He photographs people and looks at them with no bias or judgment. It seeks to capture the invisible in the everyday lives of the people it meets. Each of his photos is connected to a story, a singular moment. In the tradition of humanist photography, Laurent was inspired by the work of Elliott Erwitt, Garry Winogrand and Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Far from a journalistic approach, he wanted to document his time. Macadam Paname, the book he presents here, his first, is the culmination of many years of capturing the strangeness of reality in the streets of the capital.




Laurent Delhourme delivers in Macadam Paname a new approach to street photography.
The look, in black and white, is not peeping, it is amused. It is that of a curious child who marvels at the unusual and discovers for us, in the streets of Paris, burlesque situations or incongruities with poetic impulses. The graphic staging by diptychs reveals while sublimating the daily life of a city that often escapes the Parisians too much in a hurry or tourists in a rush.



Publication of the book MACADAM PANAME


Solo Exhibition November, 12