Sylvain Demange

Portrait de Sylvain Demange : © Fabrice Dekoninck

Sylvain Demange

Sylvain Demange, 44, has chosen photography as his medium of artistic expression. Convinced of the importance of the author’s work, Sylvain is committed to dealing over the long term with the stories of society that challenge us. His search for stories can take him abroad (he has, for example, worked on the impact of mining companies in Indonesia), but also into our everyday lives and intimacy.

In 2017, he published two works with Éditions Créaphis: Cadets coulisses, a portrait of Cadets’ Circus, France’s largest amateur circus, and Comme on peut, which examines the issue of passing on memory through the remains of the First World War.
He fell in love with Martinique in 2003, and now works regularly there to create a contemporary island chronicle.

In June 2021, he had the opportunity to stage his first photographic exhibition, in the company of Martinican historian Sylvie Meslien, on the gates of the prefecture of Fort-de-France, with a memorial work on Martinican dissidence and resistance during the Second World War, then in May 2023, in Nantes.

Since September 2016, he has been working on the day-to-day stories of families forced to use the medical route of MAP (medically assisted procreation) in France or abroad to bring their parental plans to fruition. This work has given rise to his third book, La Chambre


La chambre bleue

40 €

Breaking the taboo of access to parenthood through MAP with an unprecedented photographic survey – A dive into intimacy, accompanied by contributions from experts, to further the debate on infertility issues.