Reka Nyari

Living and working in New York City, Reka Nyari’s practice spans from fine art photography and videography, to elaborate installation and performance pieces. Oscillating between mischievous eroticism and wistful splendor, her work employs and explores traditional ideals of beauty and gender to portray sexuality from a predominantly female perspective. Nyari’s images of nude figures are not strictly intended as alluring portraits – while deriving their emotional charge from the familiar motifs of erotic photography, they expand the pictorial vocabulary to the realm of narratives, layering in personal histories and fictitious content. Unapologetically, Nyari embeds luscious and empowered bodies in luminous landscapes or against staged backdrops. Nudity, gesture, gaze, as well as objects, become intrinsically linked to the feminine identity.

Born in 1979 in Helsinki, and raised in Finland and Hungary, Nyari came to New York City at the
age of seventeen. After studying at The School of Visual Arts, she started modeling and
discovered her interest in photography. The cinematography and eccentric narratives of Roman
Polanski and David Lynch influence her work as much as the art of Helmut Newton, Guy
Bourdin, Miles Aldridge, and Cindy Sherman. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries
in the United States and Europe. She has received awards from prestigious organizations,
including first place Winner of International Photography Awards (IPA in 2010 and 2022. Her
225-page Monograph titled “Femme Fatale: Female Erotic Photography” is published in 6
languages and sold out worldwide. Her NFT auction at Art Basel Miami 2021 raised $200,000 for
charity, and was featured in the New York Times. She is a SuperRare represented artist. Her
work was featured at the 1st NFT museum exhibition in Milan at DART Dynamic Art Museum in
Nov 2021-Feb 2022.


“As an artist, I tell stories with my images. I believe that combining the autobiographical art of tattoos with the expressiveness of a naked body is the most compelling way to bring out a person’s colorful and unabashed past in the most visually relevant way possible. In other words, capturing the imprints of their Kintsukuroi.”
Reka Nyari

Reka Nyari’s first Portfolio Book features seven of the most iconic prints from her INK STORIES series. Sized 14.6” x 11” x 0.4” (37cm x 28cm x 1cm). Limited edition to 300 hand-signed and numbered editions.
Silk cloth cover, printed on premium 300g cotton paper.