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Kasia Wandycz

Born in the United States of Polish descent, Kasia Wandycz (1965) graduated from Connecticut College with an MFA in Graphic Arts. She also studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. She lives and works in Paris, and was a photographer for the weekly magazine Paris Match for over 25 years.

In her artistic practice, she focuses on paper, both as the substance of her work and as a subject in its own right. She finds poetry in these scraps of used and torn posters, and through photography, these fragments acquire a new existence and meaning. Wandering the streets of contemporary metropolises, she draws her own cartography as a true “flâneuse”, transforming printed material into both a document and a symbol of the passage of time.

Her work is also a reflection on the significance of the role of paper in our society, and, indirectly, on the impact of electronic devices. What are the profound effects of the gradual disappearance of printed paper in favor of screens? His PAPIER series began in 2015 and continues to this day.

PAPIER was exhibited at the Taglialatella gallery in September 2022, and at the ARTCURIAL bookshop in April 2023.



In her artistic practice, Kasia Wandycz focuses on paper as both a substance and a subject, questioning its communicative role in our daily lives. Her work is a reflection of the value paper holds in our society, and indirectly, on the impact of electronic media devices. Their destruction is not as spectacular as the tearing and rotting of paper, but the far reaching effects of their mass production and consumption are all the more devastating to our ecosystem.