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Emanuelle Scorcelletti

Born of an Italian mother from Friuli and a father born in Jesi, in the Marches, Emanuele Scorcelletti returns with this project to the lands and roots of his paternal family for a tribute carried by great emotion. This emotion is the one that has attached him since his childhood to the passion for the image, first the cinema of Fellini, which his mother venerated, then the photography, that of Mario Giacomelli that he met in Senigallia, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Jacques-Henri Lartigue, his masters.

Member of the Gamma agency from 1989 to 2009, internationally recognized for his photos of film and fashion stars, he received in 2003 the prestigious World Press prize in the “Arts and Culture” category for his black and white photo of Sharon Stone walking the carpet at the Cannes Film Festival.

But make no mistake about it, what moves Emanuele is above all otherness and everything that deeply affects people, “places and people”, whether documenting the Carnival of Venice (in its early stages), a tree planting program in the Tamil Nadu region of India  for the Yves Rocher Foundation (2017), the General States of Women for ELLE Magazine (2010) or the relationship between man and nature (exhibition Equus in La Gacilly Festival, 2017).



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Emanuele Scorcelletti’s deep connection with the Marche region, in Italy, is the starting point of an artistic project he has been carrying out for several years and which he has entitled Elegia Fantastica. This introspective journey to places of the past is carried by an aesthetic approach that takes us from the real of yesterday (Memories) to the invisible of today (Visions). In doing so, he transforms an intimate emotional experience with the places of his childhood and his inner landscapes into a reflection on collective memory and transmission. This book is the setting, before the major exhibition which will take place at the Palazzo Pianetti in Jesi, Italy from April 30, and whose scenography will echo that of the book.