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Maryam Ashrafi

Maryam Ashrafi

Maryam Ashrafi is a Paris-based Iranian photographer. Born in Tehran in 1982 during the Iran and Iraq war, Maryam is passionate for sociology which led her to focus her interest in social and socio-political issues in countries around the world. Graduated with a BA in social documentary photography from the University of Wales, Newport in England, she began to explore these issues, focusing in particular on the situation of Kurds.

For several years, she has been working on different subjects: refugees in Paris, mobilization of the Kurdish and Iranian diasporas, the Indignants Movement in Paris and riots in Paris following different social and political issues around the world. Above all, as a freelance independent photographer, she has covered the aftermath of wars from Kobane in Northern Syria to Sinjar in Iraqi Kurdistan, until 2018. Her work on Kurdish resistance movements has been the subject of several exhibitions and publications, including the Guardian.

She has published her first book; “ Rising among ruins, Dancing amid bullets” with Hemeria, a French publisher in Paris, documenting the consequences of war and the lives of civilians returning to their homes. Her long-term work on Kurdish issues has also driven her to work as a camerawoman in documentaries such as “I Am The Revolution” and she is currently working on her first documentary film; “Eternal Sentinel” as a director.


Rising among ruins, Dancing amid bullets

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Rising Among Ruins, Dancing Amid Bullets is a photographic project I have been working on since 2012 I seek with this work to bear witness to the consequences of the war. I am particularly interested in the lives of civilians faced with the issue of returning home once the city where they were settled is liberated and they can return to their homes after their cities are liberated, as well as to the daily life of the fighters behind the front lines while emphasizing the role of women in their ranks. » — Maryam Ashrafi

Book winner of the HiP 2021 Prize

Category “Reportage & History


Exposition de Maryam Ashrafi à Toulouse / soirée ciné-débat autour du combat pour la liberté du peuple kurde

Après le Prix Bayeux des Correspondants de guerre en octobre 2021, après le Prix Liberté à l’Abbaye aux Dames de Caen du 10 février au 20 mars 2022, après une présentation à Londres au sein du Frontline Club le 6 avril dernier, l’exposition de Maryam Ashrafi S’élever au milieu des ruines, danser entre les balles s’installe à Toulouse dans le cadre des Chemins de la République proposés par le Conseil départemental de Haute-Garonne. Cet événement toulousain commence mardi 26 avril à 19h par une soirée ciné-débat autour du documentaire de Mylène Sauloy Kurdistan, la guerre des filles. L’exposition sera présentée

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