Jean-Baptiste Huynh

Jean-Baptiste Huynh

Jean-Baptiste Huynh was born in France in 1966, French mother and Vietnamese father. Self-taught, he learns photographic techniques, lighting and drawing.

The refined and timeless photographic writing of Jean-Baptiste Huynh Allows him to decline his work through various subjects: the portrait, the nude, the mineral or vegetal universe, or even the symbolic spiritual symbols of the countries in which he works. Recurring themes of his work are the gaze, the self-image, the light, the timelessness and the relationship to the infinite.

His photographic work takes shape in his exhibitions and scenography as well as in his works considered as an integral part of his projects, a complete expression of his vision. He is the author of twelve personal works.


His works

Infinite Asia book cover

Infinite Asia

The Musée Guimet devotes from 20 February to 20 May 2019 a great retrospective exhibition of the work of the Franco-Vietnamese photographer, winner of the Villa Medici. The book Infinite Asia accompanies this exhibition and presents the most salient subjects of his creations, the portrait, the nude, the mineral and the vegetal. is also shown the work he has done by appropriating the great works of Art of the Museum’s collections, always in connection with his privileged theme, the woman or at least the image of the woman, her face, her plural beauty, his gaze, which we Convinced that they are an aesthetic search for infinity.

Nature - Luxury box

For this edition drawn in thirty copies:
– The laid paper of the guard pages was tinted in the black Mass
– Each work is accompanied bya collection drawn 25 cm x 25 cm

– The set is presented in a black canvas box


« In Nature, the photographs of Jean-Baptiste Huynh bind the plant, the human and the celestial in mysterious formal rehearsals. (…) His sensibility is a striking classicism. His images are distilled, pure, contained and idealized. There is a platonic aspect, almost from another world, in these forms, as if the person, the plant or the fruit represented a timeless reality beyond that which is delivered to us by our senses».

This is how Siri Hustvedt, the Great American writer, in her preface, evokes the work of this French photographer, Franco-Vietnamese, who explores the natural forms and allows us tore-discover in a sublimated way the beauty of What surrounds us.

Reciprocity book cover


Reciprocity s a book of photographs, Transversal and retrospective on the work of Jean-Baptiste Huynh. This book, intimate and elegant in its manufacture, testifies to the reciprocity of friendship and glances that Jean-Baptiste Huynh Maintained with Irving Penn and his son, Tom Penn. Tom Penn has made a selection of thirty years of work in 25 countries. He was the curator of the exhibition that accompanied the release of the book.