Exhibitions and Pop’Up Store Hemeria in Paris in September 2020

From September 6 to 14, Liquids Spaces exhibition with Laurent Ballesta, Éric Lamblin and Bruno Bédoc

From September 19 to 26, exhibition Regards by André Carrara + carte blanche to Louise Slaviero

Opening times
10am to 8pm, except Thursday, Friday & Saturday (10pm) & Sunday (6pm). Free Access.


10, rue de Braque 75003 Paris

Subway : Rambuteau (line 11), Hôtel-de-Ville (lines 1, 11) Bus : Station Archives – Rambuteau (lines 29, 75)

Parking : Georges Pompidou, 41-47 rue Rambuteau, open 24/7

// Laurent Ballesta // Invité d’honneur Au fil des années, le photographe Laurent Ballesta s’est imposé comme une des figures les plus emblématiques de la photographie naturaliste et sous-marine. Biologiste, il est bien sûr un plongeur hors-pair, féru des conditions les plus extrêmes de la pratique, moins par goût du danger que pour accéder aux mystères de profondeurs jusqu’alors restées inacessibles.

Each of his expeditions is a technical challenge to allow him to surpass the physical limits of body and liquid matter a little more at each descent, and to advance even further and longer in the space of the abyss. Explore and bring back original images that combine aesthetic and scientific approach: diving and photography have been intimately linked since his beginnings at the age of 13. His latest adventure led him last summer to stay for 28 days at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. A world first. With Antonin Guilbert, marine biologist, Thibault Rauby, diving instructor, instructor and assistant lighting technician, and Yanick Gentil, camera diver, they achieved the feat of diving four hundred hours, carrying out 31 dives and going down to 142 meters deep!

Laurent Ballesta is exhibiting around thirty of his photos in preview. Thanks to this exceptional work, it offers a new perspective on this cradle of our civilization, an epic space that has nourished the imagination of men for millennia. His odyssey takes us to the discovery of a meta-terrestrial world, populated by supernatural creatures. A living world whose magic hitherto escaped human sight. Sometimes his photographs seem closer to abstraction, made with transparencies and singular formal structures. Sometimes his photographs seem to show abstractions, made of transparencies and singular formal structures. Above all, it is the colors that captivate, as much those of the natural settings as those of certain rare specimens that he has observed: “moments of grace” offered by the spectacular beauty of an extraordinary planet, as the one who is underlined. dreamed of “oceanaut” and never ceases to hope that “beauty will save the world”.

// Éric Lamblin // Snorkeling in Communion with whales

Each year during the southern winter, the “Whale Trail” stops a few weeks off the coast of Réunion Island. For the past 15 years, a diver-photographer has been swimming near humpback whales. He presents here ten of his most beautiful images taken on the “whale path”, a universe of grace and poetry, when the giants make their annual stopover near the coast of Reunion Island, during the southern winter.. To contemplate so much beauty, doubt is no longer allowed: the protection of the oceans and the underwater world is a priority, so that the dance and song of these last giants of the planet endure and continue to move us.

// Bruno Bédoc // Prussian blue cyanotypes

As Steve Haddock, marine biologist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium (USA) points out: “Every time we find ourselves in the unpleasant presence of a jellyfish, it’s because humans have invaded the oceans. We are the ones encroaching on their habitat. »

First of all an aesthetic research, this cyanotype work also reveals this tension between man and animal in the broad sense, and the stakes of their coexistence in the light of an awareness of the disruption of biodiversity. Fiction or reality, dreamlike vision of a beauty whose danger awaits us, Bruno Bédoc’s jellyfish create a sublime mise en abyme of our own fantasies of domination of Nature. Who, us or these translucent creatures, predators composed of 98% water, will finally know how to survive and adapt?

//Pop’Up Store//

Discover a preview of Hemeria’s new books : Planète Mediterannée, Imagine, Reflections on peace, Macadam paname and Soul of Paris.

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