And you, what Visual would you have chosen? Feedback on the creation of our first advertising//

We launched Hemeria November 2018 during our first participation in Paris Photo as an exhibitor. Our legal structure was barely defined. Today, after a first quarter of activities, we put in place the first actions of our communication strategy.

Every company must communicate with its clients, its partners, institutions. Even the choice of not communicating is a communication strategy.

This communication has several objectives and depending on whether one wishes to promote its image, launch a new product or support its new pricing policy, the message, how to disseminate it or the medium used to do it will not be the same. Not the budget.

For Hemeria , this communication strategy is all the more essential that one of our trade action areas is the "general public", of which we need to "catch the attention".

The need to communicate

It is especially necessary: Hemeria is a new company in its business sector; It offers an alternative model to the traditional model; This model covers multiple missions; our approach is unprecedented in terms of eco-responsibility; and it is necessary to address a specific but difficult audience, that of buyers and amateurs of high-end photography books.

So many issues that require to be specified. So we need to make known our brand, explain what we do and give to see the books of the photographers we produce.

Through a partnership with Beaux Arts Magazine, orchestrated by Alain Touminet and Frédéric Dahan for printmodel1 as part of the technical realization of the off-series dedicated to Jean-Baptiste Huynh, we worked on the design of our first advertising insert, intended to be published in the next off-series issue of Beaux Arts Magazine, available from 10 April.

If the term "inset" is not very nice, it is part of the jargon of the trade. This means that we have a full page to talk about Hemeria .

The readers of this magazine were a "perfect target" (jargon still!), but we had to define our message and our objectives.

Advertising is located at a crossroads, between creation, industry and culture; individual and collective scale; cultural identity and openness; standardization and innovation.

Dominique Wolton, notice at the pub, looking for MIDI editor, 2015.

What was the most appropriate choice?

1. make this opportunity the opportunity to publish our "Manifesto" and explain our overall approach? 2. use this page to highlight our online bookshop? 3. or send a unique and strong message about the most impacting specificity of our offer?

This reflection led us to the creation of three completely separate visuals. We let you appreciate the way, both in form and in the background, which we wished to evoke our singularity.

Advertising is a privileged communication tool to touch our potential buyers, book and photography lovers, of which you are certainly a part.

It is nevertheless true that the choice is bitter when it comes to succeed in creating the deed of purchase, to share the value of our missions and to engage a lasting relationship with our (future) customers.

What Visual do you think we have selected?

Answer in the off-series of Beaux Arts magazine...

The editorial staff. Hemeria .

1 printmodel® is our exclusive partner for image processing, printing and shaping our books. Printmodel® is co-founder of Hemeria .

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