Éric Lamblin

Éric Lamblin

Éric Lamblin “Crackoi” always had a camera in hand. On or underwater, he has never left the sea to practice sailing, surfing, diving, snorkeling… He meets Guillaume Boeye « underwater », by taking a photo of the same whale as him, in the bay of Saint-Leu. Hundreds of outings, thousands of hours shared at sea, will be born from this chance encounter. They dive in apnea, a technique adapted to respect the integrity of humpback whales, emblematic of a still wild and unknown world. Together, they publish in 2019 Communion with Whales to share with as many people as possible their most beautiful moments alongside the whales.


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Communion with Whales

Guillaume Boeye and Éric Lamblin are two free-diving divers based in Reunion Island. For the past 15 years, they have been diving together to capture the presence of whales off the coast of the Island during the breeding and calving season.Communion with Whalesput on stage in an exceptional book the most beautiful images they have gathered.

True aquatic dancers, they move us by their tender gestures of protection. They also embody, despite their imposing size, the fragility of an underwater world to be protected. Sublimated by their grace, this space is always threatened by man, despite the measures taken for its preservation. Here, man is only an attentive observer, subjugated by their beauty and respectful of their natural environment.

This book is a total immersion in their world, in addition to 60 images that decline all shades of blue and show us the incredible spectacle of their choreographies so light, so expressive. It is prefaced by Laurent Ballesta .